Coach me through the Forever Problem!

Do you struggle to make a choice to lose weight? Is the biggest issue giving up all of your favorite things? Remember they are what got you to your unhealthy place. I can teach you to put those things on the shelf. Get your body to work for you then take some of those things back off the shelf and into your life again!
You may be surprised to hear that even the bad things that you know you need to give up can be kept in your life. Things like beer, wine, cake, pizza, ice cream and so on! The first step is to understand what your health looks like and what you need to do to get there. What needs to be put on the shelf and what needs to be added to your daily life. I really want you to understand that the biggest and hardest hurdle will be mental. Once you give your body what it needs, it (the body) will stop asking for the bad stuff. You will then only have to address the bad habits and the emotions that got you to your current reality.
You may ask what I meant by getting the body to work for you. That is a little more complicated. In a nutshell that means teaching your body to build muscle, burn more calories and have a strong gut. All of you needs start from what you eat and how your body digest it. So when you get your body working for you it will be super efficient which will also create more energy.
Start with your nutrition and get that body working for you and not against you!

Your Coach

Jeff Norris