Over come Obstacles with Grit

When the time to shine is upon you.

Don’t Give in. Be ready for Obstacles.


When the time to shine and reach out for your goal is upon you, it is going to depend on your grit. Yep, grit is so important when you have goals in life. It could be when you first start or at the end, like the last mile or final few pounds to lose. How will you attack this when you get there. If you don’t plan now, you will surly fail or have delays in reaching the finish line. So lets dive in and put some steps in place to overcome.
My number 1 will be plan for it and have plans A, B, and C. Think about it. If you plan for it you have greater success. Take the last few pounds in a weight loss goal. The weight loss will slow down and for some stop. We can do a few things, like 4 to 5 times a day do ten minutes of body exercise or walking stairs. This will get your heart rate up and tell the body to produce some more fuel. This will then burn more calories and also build muscle which will also burn more calories every day! We could also tweak some calories you take in, macronutrients make up and so on. Most of your plans will have to be adjusted and reworked. Roll with it, don’t let change and obstacles affect your mood.
2. Taking about mood lets address that. Not many people admit or accept that stress and mood will affect your body and how well it functions. If you want results and continued success then you have to embrace your stress and emotions. In the past I have talked about meditation and again I want to say how important this will be. For some you could do yoga, Tia Chi or some other form of moving meditation. The key is for you to focus on how you feel when relaxed and enjoying your day. Then when you are stressed, anxious, mad or what every word you want to use, we need to fix it. The body really doesn’t care what it is. Stress is stress and the body handles it the same way. Make this a part of your journey and focus and work and postive events in your life. Even when you are running, riding a bike or working out. You can do it with some limited stress unless of course it is a work out that is supposed to punish your body. These are meant to teach your body to adapt and become stronger.
3. I will end it here. Don’t ever give up. Lets say you lost 50 pounds. You hit a bump in the road and choose to give up. You slowly begin to gain the weight back. Mentally and physical you have set yourself up for more and more failures. It will be harder to lose again. This would be a great time to reach out to a coach or trainer to help you figure it out. If they really care about your goals and journey they will figure out a way to get you there even if it does not fit in their typical plans and programs.
Its time for you to start! It is time for you to plan your goals, map your journey and run to the finish line. I know it may not be easy. That is what makes it so worth it. That is what makes it a journey worth making! See you on the other side of healthy!

Your Coach

Jeff Norris