You have failed before make this year different

Lets do this! How many of you have failed in the past at New Year Resolutions? I want to give you a few tips to make it right! Even if you have started lets go back and re think and more importantly plan your goals!

1.Your Goal!
Great you got it. Now lets break it down a little more. I want you to break it into weeks or monthly depending on how big it is. Then I want you to list what you will celebrate when you reach it. Finally I want you to dream of what you will look and feel like when you reach it. Write it down and put it somewhere so you can grab it when needed. You will need it so plan for it and be ready to use it!

2. Your How
You picked a diet or a gym. That is not enough. You need to break it down more. Lets just say you picked a diet. How will you cook the meals since it hasn’t worked in the past. How will you plan for work meetings, kids sports, or nights out. If you don’t plan these you will fail again. How will you get family and friends to help and believe in you? All of these are the most important parts of your Resolutions. You need to plan for it because it will happen. I promise you!

3. Obstacles
You will hit them. Some may be easy to over come where others will tare you down. Do you remember the little piece of paper where you wrote down how you will feel when you reach your goal? Be ready to grab it. So you will hit so many obstacles while on your journey! You planning again for them is key. SO you will not want to get up and go to the gym, trust me. You will not want to go for a run when it is cold and rainy. You will want to eat out. You will want to drink. You will want to quit when you hit that plateau. How many Obstacles will you be able to handle? This is where you will need back up! Coach, Family , friends or a partner with a similar journey!

I hope this quick guide will help you with your health journey. If you want more reach out. I would love to help. I have a few place you can find me just search StartHealthyHabit. I am on all of the social media place. youtube, Facebook, and here!
I know you can do it! Plan for success and your dreams!

Your coach

Jeff Norris