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Are you ready to lose belly fat?


Do you want to reduce belly fat? It seems like the question I get the most. It is also the largest pre curser to so many diseases. So how and why should you reduce belly. First off the web is full of so many things to buy and avoid to fix this. You can buy more pills, drinks and workout programs to help you with this goal. We are going to dive into it right here and now. Two things you need to know. Diet and exercise will be all you need!
Lets start with exercise because that will be the easiest. For both men and women the key will be weights. Yep, you need to use weights two to three times a week. You will not need to do heavy weights. I h ave written about this before in an article about “why go big” If you are familiar with youtube you can find tons of full body works that incorporate weights. Now for the details, as your body stores fat it also affects you hormones. When this occurs your body will slow down the production of testosterone. Even for women your body will need testosterone. I will link at the bottom an article for you to read about why women need testosterone. So back to weights and belly fat. As we increase the fat stores our bodies naturally produce more estrogen. For men this is the main cause of increased belly size. If you take on simple weights in a circuit workout you will help your body produce less estrogen and more testosterone. It is that simple. Lift weights and your body will react by building muscle fibers and reducing fat. Now you will have to change your eating also.
So lets get to the diet part. Before I get to into this I have written about this before. This is so important that I will continue to review this for everyone. There are several ways to eat properly and lose body fat. It all depends on your likes and needs for your body and life. You can check out the web again and find so many diets that will promise you success. However, you need to understand what each will do for you. Please do not buy anything that promises to fix you, it will not. The quickest and simplest way to put your body in weight loss is by getting into fat burn. That would be eating a low carbohydrate diet (between 60-90grams a day). Please do not go less then that. Your body needs carbohydrates for hormone production along with other needs for your body. The rest of your calories will have to come from healthy fats and then some protein. Your body will tell you what it needs. An important fact you need to keep in mind always, your body can change protein to carbohydrates and then into fat to store. So you can see that anything you eat will and can be change over to what the body can use for fuel. Your body can fuel itself with fat or carbohydrates. It all depends on what you eat which will tell your body what fuel to use. You can also eat according to what the government thinks is a great way to eat and use the Plate Method. I will not provide you with that info since I find it useless to anyone trying to get healthy. If you would like some more Information please reach out I would love to get you any other information you may need.