The Art of Choice and Decisions

When you are ready to make life changes you have to take on more simple choices then you may realize. For some this is the main cause of failure. Not realizing what you truly eat in a day will give you false hope for changes. The lack of sleep and exercise will also play a small roll in your down fall when trying to make these changes!

A few ways that you can relate this in your life to better understand the scoop of each choice and try and plan ahead. If you set out to drive to a new part of town and don’t know where you are going or how long it will take to get there then will you have any idea of when you will arrive? Will you get frustrated and turn back? How about if you needed to have dinner for 8 ready to dine at 7PM. No food, no recipe and no idea when to start cooking. It would not be a very successful night. What about the ability to build a house without knowledge or blueprints?

Listen in and learn the Art of Choice.