A Fluid Goal is Best for your Health


To many times we have goals and are so focused we forget the “Why” we are even aspiring for that goal. As we start a journey on healthy, weight loss and fitness we really need to make our goals fluid! Yes, you read it right! Fluid goals don’t mean you can lessing them or remove them from your goal lost! Through out the last 3 years I have changed my goals which has helped me reach my bigger and more important goal with success and satisfaction to want more!

We all have made New Year Resolutions. We all have also given up or quit within the first 30 days and some within the first week. Ask yourself why. Was it the goal? Was it the process? Was it the lack of knowledge?

When you have a simple goal like “I want to lose 30 lbs.” which is a great goal. Do you know how you will achieve that goal? Understanding your steps is so important. Will you change your diet? Will you try and exercise 3-5 days a week and burn extra calories? (this is not going to work) Will you quit drinking for 60 days? Maybe a little of all of them. I know in the past those may have worked. As you get older (past 25) your body will change and the way your body reacts to nutrition and exercise also change.

Nutrition is probably the most complicated. You will need to track your intake and adjust it until you began to lose weight. A simple way to look at weight loss is 3500 calorie deficit in a week will lead to 1 lb of weight loss! I know that is hard. That is with the portion control diet! There is a better way by putting your body into fat burn. That is a little simpler with adjusting your micronutrients throughout the day. This isn’t new, a lot of people are using this for performance and major health changes! With more and more studies showing sugars and carbs are “THE” leading cause of so many lifestyle diseases. So as you can see your goals will have to involve adjusting your goals as you get into your health journey! Don’t forget you will need to be ready for the plateau. No matter what program you use you will run into it. So adjusting your goal may be necessary for that time period. This is a spot where most people give up! They think that their effort/program is not working. In reality it is the body trying to stop the weight loss. It is the body adjusting because weight loss is strange to your body. You body is thinking it will run out of fuel. Don’t give up, adjust!

If your goal is to exercise which may include running, lifting weights or taking classes. You need to take it slow. (I have an article about that) Second, make sure you have proper form. Third, have a goal that is adjustable according to your bodies ability to learn the new you. At any age form is super important. Without it, you are risking problems in your future! I see it way to often. I have clients in their 40’s and 50’s that have restrictions within their training program. If you have taken more the 6 months off you need to start from the beginning. That means a few sessions of body weight exercises. They need to focus on stability and form.

As you can see improving your health may not be easy. It may not be a simple road. It will be a road with great rewards as you get mentorship! Don’t give up before you start! Do get educated and put a great plan together before you start.