Healthy Community can help you grow!

I try and coach all my clients to be involved, support others and learn how their journey inspire others. Part of the reason I write these articles are I never know what I may write that is something you may need to read! Community is where we live, what we become and how we grow.

For two years I have been listening to a podcast of a growing community. So many of their stories bring home the facts of the community of runners. The team work involved at every race. Despite the competitiveness there is respect for the winners and even more respect for the last person finishing! This community is filled with all kinds of people; young, old, tall, skinny, mountain men and women. This is the Ultra running community. The Trail Runner Nation Podcast has let me in this community as I have just signed up for my first Ultra after two years of listening. So as you can see for me the community that shared their wisdom and stories made me feel like this is where I want to spend time! Who knows if I will run more then one. Its their giving nature that lured me in.

We all have the struggle growing up and getting an education to then move away and get a job. At that point we have to join a new community. For some it is hard and others a natural transition. You start that new job meet friends and start to live a life you never had back at home. Maybe you struggle for that home cooking and kind friendly neighbors. It is at this point you start to decide what community is best for you. Of course you can go back home and visit or maybe you decide to move back home. Not that all communities are the same. Some communities you walk into you figure out right away it just not for you!

Lets talk about the community that helps you achieve your goals and leads to positive growth in your life! As we grow and build our future; we develop the life we dream of and we make choices that will bring that to reality! So much of our health depends on us making the right choices for work, friends, and finances. If we are able to work in an environment that promotes growth and has a positive atmosphere we will grow and feel comfortable in that community! The same goes for if we pick friends that will help us build out of work positive habits. We will then grow to enjoy life and grow to feel more comfortable. One of the most important decisions I have made was to join some great communities that help me build and learn to improve my health. Like I have mentioned the Ultra running along with a health community that promotes healthy habits that keeps me focused on coaching and helping others. We all share habits, meal ideas and transformation stories. Basically we all need mentorship! If you think you can do it yourself and be successful great! Ask yourself one question! “ How is it been working for me?”

Go out and find your community and motivation to #StartHealthyHabits