“Excuses” you realize they are all the same.

A little persecutive on my coaching and where I am coming from with this article. I have been coaching for 3 years! I don’t consider myself an all knowing expert in the field of fitness and health, yet! I am working on learning everyday. I also do a lot of N=1 experiments on myself. I have a few certifications which I look at as foundation to just beginning to help others. Today I want to really look at and give everyone something to think about when you are ready to make a life change. That is what Optimal health requires, “a life change”! The most common statements or concerns I get are “what do I have to give up”, “I cant do that” and the funniest is “I can’t afford that”.
I am going to start with “I can’t afford that”. Really, you want something for free? You want to eat for free? You want to spend hundreds of dollars a month/week on eating out and drinking? Ok, what you have been doing for – – years, how has then been working for you? I would love to share and help, no cost! That means you will have to do all of it on your own. For most Americans that is hard. That is why 67% of us are over weight or obese. The funnest thing about that is you really can’t afford not to change. Your medical cost for scripts, insurance and hospital stays will cost you more then you know. If they have not yet all insurance companies will require you to make changes or pay higher premiums then you have in the past. If you medical markers are out of range get ready! So spend a little money know and save a lot latter plus it will save your life.
“What do I have to give up”. Well lets see do you want to change your life for the better. For instance what does bread do for you? Please answer that! next what does a few beers do for you? What does a candy bar do for you? You may have t really think about that. Serious what does eating those things do for your life? I bet if you seriously sat down you would be hard pressed to come up with a real answer with meaning! I just sat down with a client yesterday who said “ I don’t miss anything. I just don’t need it. I really enjoy how I feel and what I am eating” he continued to express his joy of having control of his life. Wait you mean you made life changes (a diet) and you now feel like you have control. So when someone says “what do I have to give up” I quickly respond you have giving up your true life and health. Do you have anything else you would like to give up. How about you will gain everything back in your life! Life change is about learning! Life change will give you more choices and experiences then you ever imagined!
Lastly on this what do I have to give up. Its a complicated answer. There is a lot in the beginning and when you learn what works for you and how your body reacts to proper nutrition then things can be eating or drank in proper balance.
The best is always last right. In this case no! This one really hurts me when clients or friends say this. I hear one thing! I have giving up on life and will just take every punch, kick and insult that gets thrown my way. Why do we give up? Why do we surrender our life and dreams to nothing? Why do 67% of Americans not care? Why has the government and the medical industry signed off on Type 2 Diabetes is a Disease? (Its not) We go to k-12 grade because we have to . We go to college or a trade school to learn more to qualify for a job that pays a living wage. Yet we wont invest 45 minutes to learn what choices we have to improve our health. I am not going to repeat all the mantras that so many people use! Just please stop selling yourself short and respect yourself enough to build some healthy habits!
When you look at all three of this “excuses you realize that they all are the same! No faith or trust in themselves or that health and weight loss can be done! A simple conversation and a one month commitment will prove all of those feelings and thoughts wrong! Are you ready?

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