Hello, my name is Jeff Norris. I have been in your shoes and dug out of a 20 year obesity problem. Please, if you are here make sure you message me. I would love to listen to you. I would love to help you realize those dreams that are stuck.  The ability to make changes in your life will first start with your dreams and goals. Let me help you realize what you want and how to get there. Fear of success will be in your way just as fear of failure.  Please don’t forget about your Health.

Are you able to physically do the things that are on your bucket list. Optimal Health is something that we all can and should try to reach. In Optimal Health there are 3 things we need to control and nurture. If you are ready to be more let me know. I would love to Coach you through this and to help you reach your goals and dreams. To Start Healthy Habits in your life it only takes small choices every day. They first thing is to reach out to me!

Weight Loss
Personal Trainer
Health Coaching

What are your top Goals if you Knew you Could not Fail?

__Ideal weight __ Some Weight __More Energy

__ Muscle Tone __ Less Stress

__Get off Meds. __ More Time __Healthy Finances


More About Me: I am a 49 year old Dad of 5 beautiful girls! As you will find out I have two business! In both business I am here to help each and everyone in my life! Great pay for my employees or working with my Team to gain gain new clients and partners! So lets build what you are looking for! Lets reach your Goals together! I am a regular guy with a Great Family. I also have a huge drive to help others!

C.O.P.E. Certified Health CoachIMG_0075
RRCA Certified Run Coach
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

                 Start Healthy Habits

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